Masonry Bits

Q: What is the difference between Rotary Hammer bits and Rotary/Percussion bits?

A: Rotary Hammer Bits turn much slower (400-1000 rpm, 4500 bpm) and hit much harder than Rotary/Percussion. Generally, hammer bits cut much faster than percussion bits.

Q: Do Rotary/Percussion bits cut faster than Rotary-only bits?

A: Yes. Rotary-only bits do not break up the concrete, but actually grinds it under operator pressure.

Q: What is A.N.S.I.?

A: Relton Corporation follows A.N.S.I. standard B212.15-1994 where applicable. This standard was developed to insure maximum holding power of concrete anchors by matching drill tolerances to anchor dimensions. For more information on A.N.S.I., visit their home page, ansi.org.

Q: How do I cut a hole 10" deep if the core-bit I'm using only has a 4-1/2" depth of cut?

A: Relton supplies extra-long shanks for deep drilling into concrete for 7/8" - 5" core bits. We also supply extra-long core-bits for those core-bits with non-removable shanks. The extra-length allows for a deeper reach into the hole. In order to drill deeper than the core allows, you must break out the core every few inches.

Q: How many holes can I drill into concrete using a Relton bit?

A: This will vary dependent on many factors. The PSI of the concrete will be a factor, along with the hardness of the aggregate in concrete. Aggregate hardness varies from locale to locale (even in the same state!). Florida has some of the softest aggregate, while Louisiana has some of the hardest. See the Aggregate Map of the United States for details. Other factors that need to be considered are operating conditions and the type and style of the bit being used.

Q: I broke the carbide (or body) on my hammer bit. Can it be repaired?

A: Yes! We offer a factory service for all Relton carbide products. Single-insert masonry bits can be remilled, sharpened or have the carbide replaced. Cross-Top and multiple-cutter core bits cannot be remilled, but can be sharpened and the carbide can be replaced.

Q: How do I remove the shank from a Relton Hammer Core (or Hard Head) bit?

A: Once Relton's hammer core (or Hard Head) bits have been used, the tapered shank cannot be removed by conventional means. For shank replacement, return to Relton Corporation

Rebar Cutters

Q: How many holes can I drill when using a Relton rebar cutter?

A: This depends on the size of the rebar being cut in relation to the diameter of the rebar cutter. The less steel that needs to be removed, the more holes you can drill.
A 1/2" rebar cutter drilling through # 6 rebar (3/4") may only result in 5-10 holes drilled if the rebar is hit dead center of the hole. If the rebar is off center where you are only removing a small portion of steel, you should see more holes cut before the rebar cutter needs sharpening.

Q: How will I know if I hit rebar?

A: The sound of carbide hitting steel is higher pitched than when cutting concrete with a hammer bit. If you hit rebar, immediately remove the hammer bit from the hole and use a rebar cutter.

Q: Will a rebar cutter enlarge my existing hole?

A: No. Relton rebar cutters are manufactured with the carbide cutters brazed in place to keep this from occurring.

Brazed-Carbide Hole Saws

Q: What is the carbide kerf on Relton hole saws?

A: .130" (approx 1/8").

Q: Can the carbide teeth be sharpened or replaced?

A: Yes! See our factory service page for details.

Q: How many holes can I drill when using a Relton hole saw?

A: Relton offers 8 different styles of saws for different applications and these saws are professionally designed for production work. There are many factors that need to be considered: material, speed and feed, diameter and depth of cut, etc, but in many applications, Relton saws will outlast high-speed and bi-metal saws between 50-1 to 200-1! Remember, Relton hole saws have carbide teeth brazed into the body wall that can be resharpened or replaced as needed.

Q: I don't see the size (or depth of cut) I am looking for. Can you make a special size?

A: Yes! We can manufacture hole saws to your specifications. We will even build just 1 saw if that is all you need. Ask us for a quote today!

Metal-Cutting Fluids & Oils

Q: What is the difference between TCO-14 (Dark) and TCO-16 (Light) Thread Cutting Oil?

A: TCO-14 and TCO-16 are operationally interchangeable. The only obvious difference is the color.

Q: Are MSDS available for Relton products online?

A: Yes! MSDS for all of our chemical products are available in PDF format.