Speciialty Carbide Bits

Specialty Carbide Bits

Relton can manufacture special diameters and lengths for most of our products. We will manufacture custom designs to your blueprints or other specifications, even in 1 piece quantities. If you donʼt see what you need, just ask us to make it for you!


72" Drilling Depth Pyramid® Point Hammer Bits


RCB0003H Adapt our core bits, rebar cutters, and hole saws for use

on diamond drill rigs... May be used wet or dry cut.

Plate Cutters Plate Cutters

RCB0021H Extra-long, Dry-cut Core Bits

Bits for Seismic Retrofit


RCB0116A Millimeter Bits

Dual Diameter Bits RCB0020H

A-Taper Bits

Termite Drill (TD)


For a free quote

Please provide the following information:

1. Specify diameter and drilling depth.
2. Specify straight rotary or hammer.
3. Specify core bit or single-insert bit.
4. Specify manufacturerʼs drill motor model number (if hammer bit).

Example: 2 1/2" x 10" hammer core bit for Milwaukee 5300