The Relton Story

The Relton Story

In 2016, Relton will mark 70 years in business; we began in 1946 as the Termite Drill Company. The companyʼs first product was the multiple-carbide, core-style, rotary masonry drill bit invented by our founder. This basic design quickly became the standard of the industry. Relton has since become the broadest-line supplier of hammer and rotary bits and hole saws.

Recent Relton innovations include our patented Pyramid Point® hammer tip design with a central point surrounded by 4 cutters for precise smooth drilling, in spline, SDS-max, and now SDS+. Our rebar cutters in straight shank and SDS+ are the industry standard, and our Groo-V® (GRT®) rotary/percussion bit line is perfect for hard metal, granite, and other difficult materials.

New Rapid Tap®, our ozone-friendly hard-metal cutting fluid, heads a complete line of cutting fluids and oils, which includes A-9® for aluminum, biodegradable Option 1®, and more recent additions in the 1990's. In 1994, Relton formulated TCO-14TM (dark) and TCO-16TM (light) Thread-Cutting Oil, and in 1995, we introduced Air-Flo® air tool oil. Further expansion in 1999 brought Rel SawTM, a semi-synthetic fluid for band sawing, Stick-KutTM, a lubricating stick wax, and New Rapid Tap® Paste.

Relton drill bits are used by the construction trades in the drilling of concrete and other masonry, while the hole saws are used in the cutting of diverse materials such as metal, wood, fiberglass, ceramic tile, pipe and stucco. Relton makes a wide variety of cataloged products, and also specialty bits and hole saws to customersʼ specifications.

How have we continued in business for over 68 years in the face of stiff competition from companies far larger than we? We maintain a high service level - shipping quickly from the broadest line in the business. We produce high-quality products - testing them constantly to ensure that quality. Weʼre flexible - making the specialty products you need, not only the cataloged items you see here. We're unique - boasting one of the few production-grade, long lasting hole saw lines in the world.

Some of our key personnel!

Craig Kinard - President/Controller
Kevin C Kinard, Assistant to President
Patrick Kearl - VP, Sales
Marcelo Nieves - Factory Manager, R & D
Mario Camacho - Production Manager
Simon Cooper - Chemical Division Manager
Ernest Cortez - Packing & Shipping Manager
Luis Guerrero - Logistics Manager
Brenda Williams - Office Manager
Celia Sanchez - Assistant Office Manager
Cheryl Goldstein - Administrative Assistant
Saira Rodriguez - Administrative Assistant